On site Crushing

Recycling demolition waste to save you time an money

Disposing of materials arising from demolition can be a costly part of a project and can also have a significant environmental impact. Wherever possible we recommend crushing demolition waste on site to either be used in the future development or transported to nearby projects requiring hardcore.

At Thames Dismantling we take time to understand the future site development and help to eliminate costs by providing crushed aggregate suitable for the ongoing project. Recycling demolished materials into useable building materials, saves both time and money, by reducing the need for haulage and landfill.

Our concrete crushing services can be flexibly delivered as a complete waste management solution following demolition.  Our crushers are operated by fully trained and experienced staff ensuring that we offer a safe and professional service. We pride ourselves on our efficiency and always ensure we leave sites clean and tidy at the end of the working day with quality materials ready for re-use.


Our aggregate recovery process is designed to cut costs and harmful environmental practices. We work to incorporate aggregate recovery into all of our projects.

We develop solutions that utilise existing construction materials into cost effective aggregates, and by doing so we help clients save on costs and the carbon footprint of their project

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