We understand the effect demolition can have on the local community and environment and take every precaution to complete a project with a minimum of impact.


On every project Thames Dismantling understand the impact that demolition works can have on neighbours from noise, dust and vibration. That is why a full assessment of our works is undertaken prior to us starting on site, so that we arrive on site with the right equipment to perform a fast and effective service, with minimal impact on the neighbours.

This proactive and considerate approach not only keeps the local community happy but also provides a positive foundation for the client to proceed with their development.


We operate under the BREEAM standards for contruction which provides environmental guidelines for various aspects of our operations.  This includes, recovery, reuse and recycling of waste, the use of sustainably sourced materials and environmental impact of a project.

We work with professional Ecologists who survey and monitor each project.  Building demolition often requires internal inspection for inhabiting bat and birds and we work with professional ecologists to rehouse or relocate these prior to work commencing.


Thames Dismantling adopt efficient working processes to achieve a right first time completion on all projects. All our staff have been trained to segregate and stock pile materials as works proceed, this provides a professional and safe service and enables us to dispose of the waste in a more efficient manner through our network of waste recycling centres. This not only allows Thames Dismantling to achieve their recycling goals but also makes for more cost effective disposal costs